Bes2100 Essay

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Scene 1
Tina: a female staff, a noob in a publishing company, who has worked in Amazon and studied in a university
Jack: a male staff, having got two year working experience, who is with Tina in a same office
Tina: (feel tried and open the door of her office) how are you going, Jack?
Jack: (surf on the internet and type something) fine, thanks. You come so early every day. You work so hard. How big of you!
Tina: (smile a little bit) really? I think I am a fresh man in the company. I would like to work hard and keep my job.
Jack: good, I just remember that I also worked hard when I first went to this company. (He just wants to answer the phone) sorry, somebody is just ringing me.
Tina: that is all right.
Jack: (answer
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Relax and come on. You need a good working style.

Tina: (thinking and a bit relax) ok, I got it.

Scene 2
Marketing manager (Tom): Tina’s manager, who has worked in the company when it was open, the boss’s friend and beginning partner.
Tina: (knock the door) may I come in?
Tom: Tina, come in. Did you meet something when you are working?
Tina: there should be some issues. I would have pressure which I cannot afford.
Tom: oh, yes? What is up? I just interviewed you yesterday. You are a good staff and you are working hard. As the other staff, you are a university student and not many university students should work in a publishing company. You will be a good one.
Tina: thank you for your attention. I feel good in the company. Jack helped me a lot. He teaches me how to use our company’s books listing system, and so on. The other four colleagues in my office also took me to the best resting area nearby and we communicate with each other very well although we are from different countries and have different culture.
Tom: that sounds nice. You have a good working skill and you can organize the office quite well. You six can have a good relationship with each other and it should be to create a unity team.
Tina: yes, it is right. Our company’s environment is also good. We have an individual desk and a high quality laptop, and a well-done cooler. It is good for me because I will feel sick if the weather is hot. In addition, our company

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