Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot 's Work And Profession Of Choice

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Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot was born in Bourges, France on January 14, 1841 to Edme Tiburce Morisot, who was a high-level government official, and Marie Cornélie Mayniel, a daughter of a high-level government official [2]. As she was born into a family of wealth, her childhood followed the conventional lessons that high-born children were to receive: including lessons in drawing and painting [1]. Morisot and her sister, Edma, began to paint early on in their youth. The sisters earned respect in the artist circles of France despite women not being allowed to join official art institutions. Unlike the conventional practices of high-born ladies, Morisot chose to pursue art seriously, making it her life 's work and profession of choice. Morisot and Edma traveled to Paris in the late 1850s under Joseph Guichard, where they copied and studied the works of the Old Masters at the Louvre Museum. Morisot also studied under Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, a landscape painter, who she practiced and learnt to paint outdoor scenes [2]. Morisot first exhibited her work in the Salon in 1864, after working several years under Corot. The Salon was a prestigious state-run art show, one that Morisot continued to submit and exhibit work to between 1864 and 1873. In 1868, Morisot met Éduoard Manet (January 23, 1832 - April 30, 1883) through a mutual friend by the name of Henri Fantan-Latour, a French painter and lithographer [3]. Morisot’s friendship with Éduoard Manet influenced the development…

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