Essay on Bernie Sanders Is Fighting For Equal Rights

1174 Words May 12th, 2016 5 Pages
As the elections roll in, the candidates and voters are more than eager to speak their opinions and views on the United States as a whole. But as we come closer and closer to the election, citizens are getting more eerie on the thought of not having the right candidate for presidency. What are traits of a good president? Are they willing to fight for equal rights? Are they honest? Are they passionate about what they’re fighting for? We are the future, the rising generation. We should not have to fight for civil rights or equal pay. Equality should already be part of our everyday lives, because no one is the same, but everyone deserves to be equal and respected. With Equality, Climate Change, and Immigration, these topics are some of many Bernie Sanders is fighting for. Bernie is a democratic socialist vying for the Democratic Party’s nomination. He has been constant on his views, and if you look at his political record, which now stretches three decades in political office (and two more when you add in his activist days), you’ll find that he 's been fighting for the same things, regardless of the political climate of the time.
There are many problems facing this country. But Bernie has many priorities when it comes to equality; equality for women, racial justice, and LGBT rights. Our Country still has the issue with gender inequality, even after many things have been addressed to fix the gap. Many achievements made by women in the 20th century, still have the Republican…

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