Essay about Bernard Bailyn's Interpretation of the American Revolution

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Introduction No one will argue that the American Revolution was one of the most significant events in shaping American ideology. The impact on the economy, sociological and ideological make-up of America are still seen in today's society. Many great minds have passed commentary on the causes and impacts of the American Revolution such as; Bernard Bailyn, Louis Hartz, Joyce Appleby, and Gordon Wood. This research examines why these experts believed what they did about the causes of the American Revolution and how we can correlate those causes to the economic and political crisis America is now facing in the 21st century as compared to the 18th century.
Literature Review The Revolutionary War physically started in 1775 and ended in
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Intellectuals and common folk alike knew "the raising or keeping of a standing army within the kingdom in time of peace, unless it be with the consent of Parliament, is against the law."[5] The colonists had grown accustomed to their freedom and the arrival of English troops forced them to remember why they came to America in the first place; freedom from unnecessary oppression from Britain. This was all to well a reminder of historical events that took place with a standing army and how countries' freedom had been taken away. Since Britain was slowly but surely stripping the colonists of their liberties, at least they had their judicial system in place right? Actually the answer is no because Britain made sure the Crown governed the salaries of the colonial judges and if any judge violated any new royal order, they would be removed from office. These judges were now puppets in the colonies for the King's interest. Who would dare challenge any illegal law when these judges now had to depend on pleasing the King so that they too may bring home food for their family. If that was not enough, now royal governors, who were

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