Beowulf The Hero's Journey Analysis

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When the title of an ideal hero remains uneasily obtained, the substantially significant amount of standards one must uphold must be thoroughly checked for achievement. The acts of a hero should not be taken lightly and therefore neither should the label. A heroic archetype persists throughout the majority of works, especially epic poems. The in depth analysis of Beowulf in the epic poem “Beowulf” translated by Burton Raffel, proves Beowulf almost perfectly embodies the ideal hero by his fitting character traits of courage, strength, and honor and significant journey with the exception of a few minor details.
Examining whether a character meets expectations and criteria prove important when establishing an ideal hero in an epic poem. The
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The Hero’s Journey consists of three main parts, the departure, the initiation, and the return, each with numerous steps involved. In the epic poem “Beowulf,” Beowulf goes through all three of these stages. In summation, the departure consists of the hero being called to adventure, accepting the call after perhaps refusing it, receiving aid from peers and/or a supernatural being, leaving a familiar world to venture into a new, foreign place, and potentially meeting characters preventing their journey. In context, Beowulf decides to travel to the foreign land of Denmark and defeat the bloodthirsty Grendel out of the goodness of his heart (considered the “call to adventure”). While receiving help from not only his companions and warriors, God supposedly aids Beowulf throughout his journey. Grendel himself even realizes Beowulf’s supernatural aid: “Now he discovered - once the afflictor / Of men, tormentor of their days - what it meant / To feud with Almighty God” (809-811). Not only perceived as having help from God, but even seen by few as speaking and acting for God himself, Beowulf undoubtedly experiences supernatural aid. Following the majority of the elements of the departure, Beowulf then ventures into his initiation. In “Beowulf”, the initiation consists of multiple challenges to overcome, journeys to embark on and evils to confront. Beowulf journeys to Denmark over sea to defeat evil Grendel and Grendel’s mother in two epic battles. In “Beowulf,” the superhuman strength Beowulf displays fighting and defeating Grendel proves his heroicness to the Herot

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