Essay on Beowulf: the Film vs. the Text

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Throughout time, many stories have been altered to suit a particular time period.
Often times a film’s adaptation is much different than text adaptations while the two can also be very similar. Over the span of hundreds of years there have been multiple interpretations of Beowulf detailing the similarities and differences between the 2007 film and the various text versions. The portrayal of both King Hrothgar’s and Grendel’s appearance and personalities are different in the film than in the text. In the motion picture version, he was portrayed as being an unstable alcoholic. This quote from the film demonstrates this, “I want mead! Give me some mead, my queen” (Beowulf: Top Ten Quotes)! In the film King Hrothgar is also portrayed as
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This line from the film shows Beowulf’s interest, “Me It's not me he wants, my queen” (Memorable Quotes for Beowulf (2007))? The film states that Beowulf not only had an affair with Grendel’s Mother but also had a child with her. In the movie Beowulf marries the queen after Hrothgar’s death and eventually cheats on her similar to how Hrothgar did. The text details a tower that was dedicated to Beowulf after his demise; however the film eludes any mention of a tower. Wiglaf was crowned king before Beowulf’s demise in the movie but the text insinuates that the crowning occurred after his death. The battles were illustrated differently in both variations. For instance “The Battle with Grendel’s Mother” never transpired; instead she had a child with Beowulf. In “The Battle with Grendel”, the film insinuates that the men were awake when Grendel attacked and he also attacked numerous men. In the text on the hand, the men were asleep when he attacked and he only attacked Wiglaf. In “The Battle with The Dragon” viewers learned that he was actually Beowulf’s son. Throughout time there have been multiple analyses of Beowulf detailing the similarities and differences between the 2007 film and the various text translations. There are a wide range of differences in the film versus the text. These differences range from something as little as the appearances of main characters to the

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