Beowulf : The Absolute Of An Epic Hero Essay

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Beowulf: The Absolute Epitome of an Epic Hero Throughout history there have been many literary works that portray an epic hero, defeating the supernatural and displaying great courage in difficult situations. Beowulf, written during the Anglo-Saxon time period, depicts the perfect example of the epic hero through the main character. Beowulf is considered an ideal model due to the characteristics given to the protagonist. The legendary warrior, Beowulf, accepted fatalism and accomplished significant tasks in order to save others from malevolent forces. His inclination to want to aid others and his commendable reputation makes him the embodiment of an idol for his people. Beowulf exemplifies the qualities of an epic hero due to his immense bravery, superhuman strength that allowed him to perform impossible feats, and being beloved by his followers. Beowulf’s distinguished bravery sets him apart from most leading characters because of his acceptance of death and fate. He would lay his life down on the line to save his people from a threatening creature and he would not have to think twice about it. For example, when asked by Hrothgar to save his citizens from Grendel’s mother, Beowulf replies with “And if your enemy should end my life Then be, O generous prince, forever The father and protector of all whom I leave Behind me, here in your hands, my beloved Comrades left with no leader, their leader Dead” (Beowulf 452-457). In this quotation, Beowulf is advising Hrothgar that…

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