Beowulf Is Really Hum An Analysis Of Beowulf 's Motives From Beowulf

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Beowulf is really human
(An analysis of Beowulf’s motives from Beowulf) Writers block sucks, it is like a psychological wall that has no door to go through; it cannot be scaled even by the most skilled climber. Just as writers get writers block, heroes from epic poems get staying alive block. This leads to the conclusion that there is an underlying, unspoken agreement that is understood by those that create and write epic poems. There are three of these unspoken underlying agreements that are easily noticeable when reading an epic poem. The first of these agreements is that the poem must be long; so long that when the average reader goes to read the poem they are scared away by its sheer size. Secondly, the story line is always the same: there is a main character that represents cultural beliefs and he or she must go on a journey that will present challenges to them, after overcoming the challenge(s) the character will then realize who they truly are and what it is that they must do to win ultimate goal of being remember throughout the ages. Lastly, the main character must die by sealing their fate of remembrance. With this in mind, the next logical step in finding what the true motives for Beowulf were is to begin analyzing his individual traits that fit the three agreements. Prior to this analysis, it must first be established that Beowulf is a new type of hero, one that has not yet been created in all of the great epics that come before his story; Beowulf has no…

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