Essay on Beowulf Is Not An Evil Creature

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Evil is defined as morally wrong or bad. Usually when something is evil, people will rally against it and try to purge it from the land. Yet, when a creature is put in a scenario that would even cause a human to become furious, how can it be deemed evil? A dragon is a beast, and in Beowulf it is simply an animal. An animal cannot be judged on standards for humans. The acts done by a beast are based on a different scale than the acts of a human. For an animal has neither the level of intelligence nor sentience of a human being. This is why a dragon cannot be judged on its actions alone, but must also have its actions understood in the context of the situation. This is why the dragon in Beowulf is not an evil creature. The dragon in Beowulf reacted in the only way it knew how to in the given situation. When it had its goblet stolen from it, the dragon was understandably angry. It not only wanted to have its treasure back, but it also wanted justice. “The dragon followed his steps, anxious to find the man who had robbed it of silver and sleep; it circled around and around the tower, determined to catch him…” (2294-2297). In this quote, the dragon is described as looking for the thief that had taken its jeweled cup. The dragon searches so it may have its goblet back. It does not rise to destroy Beowulf’s kingdom or kill his subjects. It awakens to the sound of a thief running off into the night with its possession. The dragon knowing that it missed its chance at stopping the…

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