Beowulf : Good Vs Evil Essay

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Beowulf is an epic poem that has captivated readers for centuries. It tells the story of Beowulf, the “heroes of all heroes” and savior of the Danes and Geats. Beowulf represents what a true hero should be, not just in his time, but throughout history. In contrast, Grendel, his mother and the dragon share characteristics that accurately portray them as villains. So it is only natural that conflict would arise between the virtuous hero and the dangerous villains that around him. This leads to the most prominent theme in the epic poem Beowulf: Good versus Evil. Beowulf feels it is his responsibility to rid the land of those who wish to cause harm.
Beowulf is a fierce and strong Geat warrior during the Anglo Saxon period in 700 A.D. Beowulf has many qualities that portray him as an epic hero. He has a strong desire to protect the Dane and Geat Kingdoms. Beowulf has a sense of duty when he chooses to fight Grendel due to the friendship that his father and King Hrothgar share. He has a strong sense of confidence that allows him to go into battle with determination. “Alone now with Grendel. I shall manage the matter” Beowulf believes he is able to battle Grendel, the demon who has been attacking the Danes, on his own (Beowulf). Beowulf is also significantly strong physically and has this ability to fight against anyone in his path “To Beowulf was given Glory in battle; Grendel from thence ward must flee and hide him in the fen-cliffs and marshes” (Beowulf). He is able to defeat…

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