Beowulf Essay : Personal Dragons

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Kristena Westerfeld
English 11- Beowulf essay: personal dragons

Throughout life, there are many obstacles that are faced day after day. Some obstacles bigger and more difficult than others. These obstacles faced can be either physical or mental and are found in today 's everyday life, the poem Beowulf and the story Grendel. Mental obstacles come in many different shapes and sizes, in real life or through a story. Anxiety and depression are common obstacles among most people in today 's society. These two obstacles are nearly impossible for some, not all, to overcome. In the novel Grendel, the main character Grendel faces a huge mental obstacle throughout his life that can be related to depression. Grendel 's obstacle is social rejection tied in with isolation. Grendel had nobody else of his kind to talk to other than his mother but, she was no help to him since she could not communicate with him either. Furthermore, when Grendel returned one night, he was upset and angry and his mother could not help, she only held him close:

She only stared, troubled at my noise. She 'd forgotten all language long ago., or maybe had never known any. I 'd never heard her speak to the other shapes. ... I can 't breathe, and I claw to get free. She struggles. I smell my mama 's blood and, alarmed, I hear from the walls and floor of the cave the booming, booming, of her heart (page 28, 29).

Since his mother could not talk and Grendel had nobody else to talk…

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