Beowulf As An Epic Tale Of Heroism, And Danger Essay

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Beowulf is known to be an epic tale of heroism, and danger. In the time of the Anglo-Saxons the tale talks about epic battles with demons, dragons and much more. (The British Library, “Beowulf” 2014) Aside from just battles we see honor in the form of funerals and friendships. The poem though unsure of the specific time invented has been passed down from generation to generation, molding the minds of its listener.(Encyclopedia Britannica, “Beowulf”) Beowulf has changed modern views of heroism, which can be made clear by comparing heroism prior to the poems existence and heroism of today because of Beowulf, the theory that a hero must be a god, or demi god are not a need, nor do you need to be born into fame or carry a name. The poem rather made heroism defined by characteristics such as loyalty, pride, courage, and the willingness to die in the honor of good defeating evil. It is clear that this poem was the turning point of the definition of a hero. Our hero Beowulf is not right off the bat given the hero status, rather the poem give us background on this character. Born a prince the poems tells us Beowulf’s father was a great king and his funeral was loaded with treasure showing how beloved he was. When he, Beowulf heard the tale of the Danes their issues with the demon Grendel, Beowulf ordered a ship of great mass to be built to come to the rescue. Though the poem doesn’t tell us much about the reason this prince, Beowulf would come to the aid of another kingdom it…

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