Essay on Beowulf As A Strong Male Leader Who Overcomes The Impossible

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Beowulf is seen as a strong male leader who overcomes the impossible. Beowulf is born into a leadership role, being that his father is the king and is seen as unstoppable in battle among the kingdom. Beowulf is not just any hero, he is courageous, generous, honorable, and will do anything to ensure the safety of his people. He will fight many battles from the start of his youth until he grows old and couragely loses his life in battle. Throughout, this novel looking at a Hero’s Journey we will see what exactly drives Beowulf and how extortionary of a leader he is.
As the characteristics of a hero are seen, courage and sacrifice is strongly during brought to life during Beowulf 's journey to Denmark to protect the Danes from a demon named Grendel. This is a very impressive act seen by Beowulf, due to the fact that it is a foreign land he will be traveling to, and he is risking his life. The Danes kingdom is ruled by King Hrothgar who is driven to be successful in military acts and wants his kingdom to thrive in a safe society. However, Grendel a very lifeless greedy figure has been attacking the Danes for a great time now, killing and torturing the men making the Danes fear for their lives daily. When Beowulf arrives to Denmark they hold a feast in the mead-hall to celebrate his arrival. This is when Grendel brings in his attack on the Danes only to be horribly surprised by the company of Beowulf, whom was fully prepared for the attack against Grendel. Grendel tries to…

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