Essay on Beowulf As A Man Of Faith Throughout The Epic Poem

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In Beowulf, belief in G-d is quite apparent, playing a big role in Beowulf’s life. Beowulf proves to be a man of faith throughout the epic poem, giving praise and thanks to G-d in all of his endeavors and credits to G-d for his unparalleled skills. When he is facing Grendel’s mother, his first sword melts and he is left weaponless. In an effort to find another weapon, Beowulf scans the cave for another sword and finds one. The poet writes, The son of Ecgtheow would have surely perished/ and the geats lost their warrior under the wide earth/ had the strong links and locks of his war-gear/ not helped to save him/ holy God decided/ the victory. It was easy for the lord,/ the Ruler of Heaven,/ to redress the balance/ once Beowulf got back up on his feet./ Then he saw a blade that boded well/.
Beowulf’s finding another sword when his first fails him he attributes to G-d. It is made clear that G-d is the reason for this is not luck, rather it is G-d’s deciding that it would be fit for Beowulf to triumph. Additionally, when reliving the battle for the king, Beowulf is sure to add that because of G-d, he has not perished, and He has been the cause of Beowulf returning from the battle unscathed. Beowulf says, “I barely survived the battle underwater./ It was hard fought and desperate affair/ that could have gone badly; if God had not helped me,/ the outcome would have been quick and fatal./ … But the lord of Men allowed me to behold-/ for He often helps the unbefriended-”.…

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