Beowulf As A Heroic Figure Essays

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Although, Beowulf was labeled a heroic figure and also owed Hrothgar a favor for saving his father’s life. So he decided to travel to Denmark with 14 of his strongest men in order to help Hrothgar and return the favor. The first night of Beowulf’s stay, he had his men sleep in the Herot, and Grendel came back in pursuit of killing them. One of the warriors named Hondshew died during the attack. Also, Grendel bewitched all of the weapons that the men had in order to defeat him, so they had no choice but to fight with their bare hands. Beowulf manages to defeat Grendel by tearing off many of his body parts such as his arm, shoulder and claw. This wounded him extremely, so he ran to his lair before dying and Beowulf successfully did what he planned. After the attack, Beowulf was rewarded with many gifts such as eight horses, an ancient sword, a helmet, etc. for his brave and heroic duties.

Then the Danes decide to go back to Herot and while they are sleeping, Grendel’s mother comes to attack them in order to even the score for the killing of her son. Then she leaves taking the body parts of her son and Esher (which is one of Hrothgar 's close friends) with her. Beowulf attempts to save him by entering the monster-filled lake, although the sword that he uses is useless against the skin of Grendel’s mother. As he continues to fight, he grows tired but then notices that there is a huge sword on the wall of the battle hall where he was dragged to.

The sword just so…

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