Beowulf As A Great Warrior And King Essay

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Like other tales of the time, the epic poem “Beowulf” was a story told through generations, and a model for the times code of conduct. The main character Beowulf shared many characteristics with other early Germanic characters of the time. The author used Beowulf as an example for other countrymen and to convey his own ideals and thoughts on what makes a hero valiant and worth writing about. Beowulf is similar to other warriors in regards to the early values of being a great warrior and king. By reaching the readers through already common themes of fame seeking and vengeance the poet of Beowulf was further able to spread his Christian ideals to the pagan culture. The poet uses themes and character traits from already established and relatable pagan characters to relate to the readers so that they become attached and build a connection with the character Beowulf as well, and would seek to emulate Beowulf’s values in their own lives.
Epic poems were a large part of the middle ages and were ways that stories passed down through the ages. Before and during the writing of these stories they were told to people as entertainment by a scop, or bard (Greenblatt 36). Like the sitcoms of today’s television shows, in the Epic poem “Beowulf” the poet writes Beowulf and uses him to broadcast to the people what an example of a hero looks like. Furthermore this Single poet’s work is used to further implement and spread the already “well-established Christian tradition” of the time (37).…

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