Essay on Beowulf And The Anglo Saxon And Medieval Literature

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Of the many heroes in the Anglo-Saxon and medieval literature, Beowulf is a prime example of a hero. In the Beowulf poem written by the Beowulf poet, and in Robert Zemeckis’ film, Beowulf. Beowulf selflessly sacrifices his own life in the hopes of saving the lives of the Danes, who belonged to a whole different clan than his own. Beowulf is willing to give his own life for the betterment of another society, and with this he chivalrously saves many people. Even though Beowulf is portrayed as an ideal hero in the poem, and in the movie the audience is introduced to his flaws, they are both similar in their theme of heroism. Despite these differences, both the poem and the movie are able to reveal to the audience that one who takes risks, fights a battle that many have failed at, and rises above all others are values of an epic hero.

In both the poem and the movie, Beowulf not only takes risks through the battles that he is involved with but also with his veracity. In the poem Beowulf kills the troll-wife, who is Grendel’s mother. The troll-wife is referred to as “a monstrous hag.” (814) and had been reeking havoc on Heorot hall and so Beowulf wanted to put an end to it. When he went into the swamp to seek out the troll wife, he was not attracted to her in any way, and was not attracted to her just as he had been told. With that he only held one goal in his mind, to kill her. Using a sword Beowulf “[Thrusted] at [her] throat, broke through the bone-rings; the stout blade…

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