Beowulf : An Epic Hero Essay

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An epic hero is a human who is seen as a larger than life character. The heroes portray talents and intelligence that are far more advanced than any other human of that time. In Anglo- Saxon poems the skills most epic heroes are given contain strength, loyalty, and courage. In the past centuries, when a human being uses these abilities to complete quests or daily life activities, they are seen as an epic hero. One of the best examples of a human using these skills for quests is the almighty Beowulf. Using his gifted talents, the living prodigy completed many quests that are still remembered or read about by many people today. The quests of the hero gave the people of his time hope that humans can become as powerful as he was, hope that one day they could be as noble as the almighty Beowulf.

One of the legend’s most known skills he was given was his strength. In the poem, it is said when fighting Grendel that Beowulf elected to use no weapons at all and to take on the beast with just his own hands. As Grendel came into the room the almighty warrior kept his word and fought the beast with no weapons at all. He defeated Grendel by staying attached to the beast 's back and then showed his power by ripping the monster’s arm away from its body. Beowulf wanted to prove to the people of Heorot that he and his men were capable of taking on any monsters during their quest.

The next time Beowulf uses his strength was to hold his breath and travel down the lake to defeat a monster…

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