Montana 1948 Character Analysis

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Not all families are perfect, but for the Hayden family, they 're no big secret on what they rely on consequence that cause and effect them that cover them entirely "We are free to choose our paths, but we can 't choose the consequences that come with them" - Sean Covey. The decision making factory that Wes the town county sheriff of Montana, is going to evolve with his family members, and a small town such as Bentrock Montana, that has paid its own path of consequences.

These are the consequences of guilt that has effected Wes and his family entirely especially his wife Gail, Gail Hayden knows the suspicious secret behind Wes 's brother, "Frank" "The Reason Wesley, the reason Maire Little Solider didn’t want to be examined by Frank is
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Julian cared for Frank he most, he mainly saw Frank as a well respected man, a independent War Hero during the Vietnam War, A Doctor who took care of his patients. Whoever compared to Wes, he didn’t care to much at all, he didn’t seem to see much success about Wes over the past, he is just a simple small town 's county sheriff in Montana Bentrock, doing his basic duty.

As a sheriff Wes knows he has to talk to his father "Julian" about the occurrence of what Frank is doing in secret by molesting Indian girls, and the reaction that comes out doesn’t go to well, Wes saying that "This isn 't about the family," "This is a legal matter" (116). This is Wes informing to his father that this is against the law and its his job to confine Frank by locking him in Jail, Julian 's doesn’t know the specifics about what Frank is doing wrong to these
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This is your brother here. My son!" (116). The reaction who Julian shows towards Wes, isn 't acceptable, its in-just and overreacting by the usage of words Julian is using such as "Bullshit" (116). Wes he is trying maintain his attitude by being discreet at ease towards this situation, for Julian he is ignorant to take in the situation mainly because he is over protective with "Frank" because he is the "Favorite" son compared to Wes. This could lead up to other assumptions about Wes, Julian might think that Wes is jealous due to Frank 's big ambitions and it pretty know to the little town of Bentrock, compared to a small town

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