Pat Bennett's Machine Shop

It all started with a dream in 1975. It took a few years to build the clientele as well as earning enough money to start a business. Pat Bennett, a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur, founded Bennett’s Machine Shop in 1977. His business focused on automotive engine rebuilding. His business flourished and he made huge profits, which soon led to a downfall when he tried to move to engine installation. This led to a significant amount of losses, which he later tried to recover by building on his primary goal of engine rebuilding. By 1987, he had three types of work: engine rebuilding, over-the-fender work, and tool sharpening and modification (Boeing Contract). Pat Bennett was constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to
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has a significant amount of strengths, the company’s engine rebuilding being one of them. The company is known for its success in this area and has made its name known due this. Another strength is the company’s marketing strategy. A significant strength of the company is its skills in the machinery business. Pat Bennett has made sure that his employees are able to keep up with the competition. There are a number of other companies who rebuild engines, but he has made sure that his company has kept an edge over the others through his company’s skills and success. …show more content…
A weakness within this company is its poor management system. Pat manages all three departments, this is problematic because it is often too much to handle. This presented as a problem when Bennett’s Machine Shop tried to expand and was unable to create a functional system. This management system is a weakness because the hierarchy of authority was not implemented. Even though the company is skilled in machinery, the workers are poor in their skills and knowledge regarding the company and the parts. This is a major weakness because this turns customers away, showing them that the employees do not know what they are doing, even if they do, because they are not knowledgeable. Another weakness is the lack of connection between strategy and structure.
An opportunity that Bennett’s Machine Shop could take advantage of would be its ability to utilize its general skills and its unique abilities. The company could concentrate its efforts on these areas to expand and create an even more successful company. Focusing on these areas could also help the company create a better culture. Bennett’s could concentrate on its core business in order to help marketing, management, and the overall culture of the company to become more unified and more affective.

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