Benner's Theory: Compare And Contrast Of Nursing Theories

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Contrast of Nursing Theorist Nursing is among the developing disciplines in science development such as research and theory practices. The nursing professionals integrate knowledge from extensive conceptualizations of models to general practice. The theoretical frameworks serve robust methods of reporting, articulating, as well as recording nursing actions and thoughts. The primary aim of this essay is to compare and contrast Roy’s and Orem’s nursing theories. The paper will also include how the two models support Benner’s theory. Roy’s and Orem’s theories have significantly impacted the nursing profession. The integration of the two theories is not only useful in nursing education but also in clinical practice, research and administration. …show more content…
According to Roy, the effective stimuli would improve the integrity of a person leading to health (Rajani, 2013). Orem on the other hand, points out that self-care significant result to functional as well as structural integrity development.
Comparison and Similarities between Roy’s and Benner’s Theories
Benner’s Theory
Benner articulates that the skills and understanding of patient care are developed through multiple experiences as well as the proper educational background. According to McEwen and Wills, “expertise develops when the clinician test and refines propositions, hypotheses, and principle-based expectation in actual practice” (2014, p. 232). Benner lists the steps to become an expert as follows:
Novice. Brenner starts by describing nursing student in the first year of clinical studies with little ability to predict patient’s situation.
Advanced beginners. This stage is defined as nurses in their first job without in-depth experience (Petiprin, 2016).
Competent. During this stage nurses lack proficiency and speed.
Proficient. Nurses have developed enough to identify a situation based on their expertise.
Expert. This is the final stage is. At this juncture the nurse can identify situations and know what needs to be done (Gardner, 2012).
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Therefore, to develop the relevant skills, nurses need to follow a progressive and long process. She discovered when nurses are engaged in various duties, they develop involvement skills with both patient and family. The understanding of five clinical competence stages help nurses to appreciate that expertise in the medical field is gained over time (Gardner, 2012).
Orem’s Theory
Orem’s model highly supports Benner’s model; the nurses have the duty to promote health and expand their skills in the setting of this theory in a community setting, healthcare settings, in learning disability nursing, among other areas (Punjani, 2013). Orem believed nursing was based on two products: the intellectual aspect of nursing designed to assist the client and a care system of long or short term care for clients requiring nursing care. The practicing of Orem’s theory would ensure nurses gain expertise in giving assistance to specific human limitations and needs, hence developing their skills to expert.

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