Essay about Benjamin Franklin : The Way Of Wealth

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Chace Mullin
Benjamin Franklin: The Way to Wealth Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706; he was the tenth child out of fifteen. Franklin’s family came from England, whom was protestant, which Franklin was very proud about. Benjamin’s brother introduced him to a printer at the age of 12, which was where he found his love for writing and printing. With the knowledge he got from his brother, he left and proceeded to start his career. Franklin lived by this famous quote after he left his family “There are no gains without pains”. Franklin made countless life decisions that would make or break him. In the end these decisions made Benjamin Franklin the person who we know today. The first thing that really stuck out to me was when Franklin said, “There are no gains without pains” (Franklin 237) because throughout the biography and story he had to make some difficult decisions.
“At seventeen, with little money in his pocket but already an expert, he proceeded to make his way in the world, subject to the usual “errata”, as he liked to call his mistakes, but confident that he could profit from lessons learned and not repeat them” (Franklin 234).
This to me was the biggest gain that Franklin ever took, can you imagine leaving your family at seventeen and going to make a living to support yourself? Franklin gained a bunch of self-respect when he did this and others admired him for making this sacrifice at such a young age. Sadly, things did not go as planned for him this round. “By…

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