Benjamin Franklin Biography Essay

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Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. His father Josiah Franklin was a soap and candle maker. He had 17 children, 7 with his first wife Anne Child and 10 with his second wife Abiah Folger. Benjamin was the 15th child and the last son. ( Franklin’s father intended for him to be a clergyman but he could only afford to send him to school for a year; clergyman needed years of schooling. ( Ben attended Boston Latin School before being removed at the age of 10 to go work for his father. Dipping candles and making soap didn’t interest Franklin whatsoever, and to keep him from going to sea like one of his brothers, Josiah sent Ben to go work under his brother James at his print shop. …show more content…
During this time he lodged at the home of John Read, where he met his wife Deborah Read. Before Benjamin, Deborah was married to John Rogers, a potter in August 1725. John quickly abandoned Deborah. It was rumored that John had committed bigamy during their marriage. John was believed to have run away to the West Indies and died in 1727/1728, but there was no proof of his death when Franklin and Read started seeing each other again. Ben and Deborah’s heir wedding was September 1, 1730. They were married for 44 years until she died. The couple was also apart for 18 years out of their marriage. Through this time Deborah still remained loyal even though Franklin was unfaithful with low women. ( Benjamin Franklin had 3 children, but not all with Deborah. His eldest, William Franklin was born about 1728-1731, his mother is unknown, but both Deborah and Ben raised him. Eventually Benjamin disowned his son because they were on opposite sides of the American Revolution. William died in 1813. Francis and Sarah Franklin were both the children of Ben and Deborah. Francis was born October 20, 1732, but died of smallpox November 21, 1736. Sarah Franklin was born September 11, 1743. Sarah was married to Richard Bache and had 7 children. She died in 1808.

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