Essay about Benjamin Franklin And The American Revolution

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Benjamin Franklin
There are many individuals who were important to the American Revolution, both in the lead up to, and the war that followed the schism between Great Britain and her colonies in America. Few individuals had as great an impact on American thought and identity during the revolution as Benjamin Franklin. He lived a life that that in many ways seems larger than life and showed the potential for what Americans could become and has been considered to be the “First American” (Benjamin Franklin, n.d.).
Benjamin Franklin touched upon every aspect of revolutionary American life. He was an inventor, a militia soldier, a volunteer firefighter, an author, a publisher, a bookkeeper, the list goes on and on. Franklin also advocated for a union of the colonies more than two decades prior to the Declaration of Independence (Block, 2006).
As early as 1751, Franklin wrote that he was of the opinion that the colonial governments should unify to better deal with the Native Americans. In 1754 with the French harassing the frontiers, Franklin was to present a plan as to how that union would be constructed that was well received by the representatives of the colonies. Though it was rejected by the colonies and the British Government, his laid the foundation of what a union of colonies might look like (Block 2006).
Franklin served as a representative for his own colony and others before the British Government and eventually as an Ambassador to France. Once he realize…

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