Essay on Benjamin Franklin And His Life

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Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. He had ten siblings, seven step-siblings, and his father and mother were Josiah and Abiah Folger. They were both Puritans and protestants. They believed in hard work and equality and did not fail to teach Benjamin Franklin these good traits throughout his entire life. Being that his family was very poor, he was only to attend school for two years. That did not stop him from learning because he was a very enthusiastic reader. He was very determined to learn everything he could by reading as much as he could. After helping his brother who was a printer, he began writing letters to his brother’s newspaper. It was the first independent American newspaper that he was not allowed to write articles to. This made him write using a fake name of “Mr. Silence Dogood.” Benjamin Franklin was a very intelligent man and just as humorous. At the age of 27 Benjamin Franklin created a club called “Junto” or “Leather Apron Club” in Philadelphia. This club helped him along with five other members who were part of the group improve through debate and exchange of ideas. In 1728 he published his very own newspaper that was called “The Pennsylvania Gazette.” His newspaper became successful right before the American Revolution. Benjamin Franklin started becoming famous for all of his achievements. He was a smart man who would stop at nothing from achieving his goals. He not only was a writer and publisher, but he was also an…

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