Essay on Benjamin Franklin And His Accomplishments

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Who was Benjamin Franklin and what accomplishments did he make that affects us today? Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, January 17, 1790. Benjamin “was the tenth son of soap maker, Josiah Franklin. Benjamin’s mother was Abiah Folger, the second wife of Josiah” (Electric). He became a diplomat, scientist, author and also a philosopher. Benjamin Franklin developed into a great man and became known as one of the founders of the fathers of the Declaration of the Independence; thus known as one of the many accomplishments he made throughout his lifetime. Research, documentaries and an autobiography written by Benjamin Franklin himself detail all his accomplishments. Amazingly a man, Franklin from the 1700’s, became to be so far ahead of his time to create the many inventions he developed. Many historians characterize him as a genius as well as a national icon to name a few.
Benjamin Franklin’s father believed that Benjamin would someday become a minister because of the way he loved to read. Josiah Franklin, Benjamin’s father was a very religious man and instilled his strong religious beliefs in his children. Benjamin indeed was a man of religious beliefs nonetheless becoming a minister was not one of his numerous accomplishments in life.
Benjamin developed his hunger to read at the early age of twelve while working with his brother James Franklin, in the local print shop. James was a publisher for one of the two local newspapers and hired Benjamin to be…

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