Essay on Benjamin Franklin And Fredrick Douglas

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There are several men who changed the face of the United States. Some used their strength and power, but these two individuals helped change the United States with their education. The knowledge that Benjamin Franklin and Fredrick Douglas have is much respected. It is the reason why their names are still being used today. These men changed the world for the people they stand up for. Benjamin Franklin helped the Colonials to gain independence from Britain. Fredrick Douglas help identify the wrongs in slavery and helped give the ideas of abolishment of slaves.
Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston. His long reputation of being a founding father for our nation is something that will not be easily forgotten. Benjamin Franklin was the man who proved a lot of people wrong and overcame odds. His life among others is very fascinating because he studied at a young age and continued to learn new things until his death. During his childhood, his father wanted to send him to a clergy school, where he would learn how to be a priest. His family did not have enough money for the education. So, they sent him to a regular school where he excelled at. His education was not based on the works of religion but it was based on facts and also the use of experiments. He was still very religious and was baptized in 1706. When it came to the time when Benjamin would have to grow, his knowledge helped him find jobs. Additionally, when he had enough money, he opened his own…

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