Benjamin Banneker 's Style Of Communication Essay

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Benjamin Banneker, despite being the son of former slaves, was an educated man in the sciences, math and the English language. Guided by his Christian and ethical beliefs, he wrote to Thomas Jefferson, the framer of the Declaration of Independence. When writing his letter, Banneker keeps in mind the dominance of racism in that time period and the great influence that Thomas Jefferson possesses. As he addresses Thomas Jefferson about an ever-controversial topic: slavery; Banneker 's selected diction is polite. Banneker 's diction is just one of the three elements that constitute his style of communication in this letter. Banneker 's assertive style of communication, made up of polite diction, clear and firm intentions, and a nonfluctuating voice, allows him to successfully make a sensible and ethical argument against slavery: it is wrong. The term "assertive" is used to describe a style of communication that is respectful to others but clear and firm in intent. Communicating assertively means being able to honestly and appropriately express ideas, feelings and beliefs without trespassing anyone else 's rights or feelings. Banneker 's style of communicating in this letter is assertive because although he deprecates Jefferson 's practices, he expresses himself without disrespecting Jefferson. In fact, from beginning to end, Banneker refers to Jefferson as "sir." This is one of Banneker 's ways of showing that his intentions are not to cause conflict, but to have a…

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