Benihana Essay

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Benihana restaurants have been operated many years ago growing up to a mayor Japanese and Sushi restaurant chain valued up to 295 MD. Nowadays this restaurant chain belongs to a mayor private equity firma called Angelo Gordon & Company. But what is it what made de Behinana so successful? How it became one of the most important restaurant chain in the USA? I will try to resume the main key factor that was fundamental to its success.
All started with the dream of Rocky Aki back in the mid 60’s when he saw the big opportunity to create a Japanese restaurant in New York. However his first business only did well after he got some good review from the New York Herald Tribune.
I can assume with confidence that part of this success besides
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In the restaurant business space is money.
The Japanese style decoration with original japan items was well received by the American people. The term exotic food and place made this restaurant and interesting place to eat. Rocky wanted to bring the Japanese tradition to America and make his place unique close to the business districts and with easy access to residential areas.
Only USDA meat was served and continuous quality checks to the restaurants made by a traveling chef. A Simple management structure was put in place to manage the rest of the restaurants and with the integrations of control systems and goals made his business quite successful. The Restaurant technical specifications were the following: Restaurant Specs: 14 tables, 8 pax per table, Max sitting capacity 112 people, average time spend per table : 1hrs to 1.5hrs, Bar Specs; approx. 40 seats.
Marketing the restaurants in different approach (marketing based on visual ads without the name of restaurant) than the conventional played a key strategic move. However he also faced problems, one of them was the difficulty to get qualified employees (nowadays companies are facing the same issues across different industries in all sectors) ,also the numbers of certified chef was limiting the expansion rate of the restaurant.
The basic flow used at the restaurant is very linear and by not going into details can actually be seems very simple. The people

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