Benihana Simulation Analysis Essay

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Course Title: M921- Managing Service Operations in the Evolving Business Environment

Faculty: A. Gervaix

Student Class: MBA - group B
Assessment Title: Benihana Simulation Analysis

Due Date: September 21, 2012 Due Time: Midnight Word Count:

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Best Overall strategy and analysis The best overall strategy decision that the writer made gave the nightly profit of $708.17 if by using 63 bar seats and 13 dining tables, bathing of 8 for each period respectively, average dining time of 45, 45 and 60 minutes, and use 2.2x normal advertising budget applied happy hour, and opening at 5 pm. This strategy made contribution to allow the average utilization of the dining room capacity reached 61.93%. It also increased the revenue of bar to $309.42 and the revenue of dinner went up to $4638.92 as well. The total cost of this strategy was $3921.13. With this strategy, the restaurant lost only 4 customers average running. The writer has had another strategy that did not lose any customers, however, made the nightly profit less than the chosen one. This is because of the writer considered that it is very normal to lose customers in service industry, especially in the catering, which means no customers lost in the whole night does not make any sense. It is worthy to mention that the average waiting time was only approximately 11 minutes; in addition, most of the lost customers were from the peak time. Moreover, in businessmen’s eyes, the profit will always take the first place. The analysis pointed out that minimizing the dining time as 45

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