Bengali Culture : Indian Culture Essay

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Bengali Culture
What aspects of Bengali culture do you think you know? Culture is a set of practices, habits, attitudes, values, and roles which are shared by the members of a society. Since culture is a matter of identity, people don’t want to let go of their culture wherever they are. In the novel The Namesake, written by Jhumpa Lahiri, Ashoke and Ashima, who are Bengalis and moved to America for a better education and life, try to maintain their culture. In her novel, Lahiri clarifies the different aspects of Bengali culture in depth through the experiences of Ashoke and Ashima in America. Some of the aspects of Ashoke and Ashima’s Bengali culture are being family oriented, practicing arranged marriage, and naming children in a unique way.
One aspect of Bengali culture is being family oriented. Bengalis usually have an extended family, live close to each other, and care for each other. They are all together in times of happiness and mourning. For example, when Ashima went to America with Ashoke for the first time, her 26 family members went to Dum Dum airport to see her flying. Moreover, Bengalis never think of staying away from their family. For instance, Ashoke in his twenties didn’t go far from his family except from his journey to some cities in India. Ashoke wondered how Mrs. Jones, who was an elderly secretary at the university in which he had been hired as an assistant professor in electrical engineering, lived alone by herself. Lahiri notes, “Mrs. Jones leads a…

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