Benefits on the Road Essay

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(Passel and Cohn) Recently, two and a half million undocumented immigrants live in California. That is to say, unauthorized immigrants make up a large part of the society, including friends, employees, students or even relatives. Therefore, regardless of legal status, all California residents, should be able to obtain a driver’s license in order to ensure public safety on the road, improve economy, and strengthens families.
California Assembly Bill 60 may provide safety for drivers and pedestrians. One of the top reasons of hit-and-run accidents is by the undocumented immigrants without driver’s licenses and insurance on their vehicles. Because they are afraid of being caught for driving illegally and even being banished from the United States, they drive off or flee the scene of the accident. Moreover, unlicensed driver, many of whom are undocumented, get in more accidents, and cause more fatal accidents. In part, due to the lack of proper driver’s education, unlicensed drivers are three times more likely to cause a fatal crash, according to a 2012 DMV study. (Brar, p31) Furthermore, one in five fatal crashes involves an unlicensed driver, according to a 2011 AAA Foundation study.("Unlicensed to Kill", p14) Therefore, allowing undocumented immigrants to take proper driver’s education to,

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