Benefits Open Source Software Offers Essay example

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If you have ever met an open source enthusiast, you’ve probably heard their reasons behind why they believe it is the best and only way of the Internet. It is undeniable just how many benefits open source software offers, but the most controversial question today is do those benefits outweigh the negatives? If you are unaware of what open source is, here is a quick summary that those of us who aren’t technically inclined can understand; it’s free to use, you can customize it, security problems can be seen quickly and anybody can fix internet bugs. Benefits of open source are that it improves quality, it keeps costs down, it mitigates business risk and it delivers business agility.
Contrary to these facts, what most open source enthusiasts won’t tell you, is that despite all of these benefits, there are actually times when using closed-sourced software makes for a much better business, and many large corporations are catching onto this and going with closed-source.
According to the GNU Project, people should think of open source as “free speech,” not “free beer.” The two fundamental differences is the term “free software” and “software, which gives the user certain freedoms.” This is extremely important to understand. There are supporters and non-supporters of open source, both of which have very strong opinions about the topic. Many of the supporters consider the term a “marketing campaign for free software” according to
Open Source causes more…

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