Benefits Of Zoos And Aquariums

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Introduction Humans have created a new world, a world that is different from the one we have previously known. A space previously inhabited by many beautiful creatures that lived freely in the natural world.Today, that world is unknow to us all. Earth is now a space filled with urban developments that have left little room for nature and animals. It contains spaces filled with homes that have been build from the trees that onced belonged to the forest. The trees that were once homes to the wild animals that roamed the land. Now that world is gone and it’s because of the growing population of humans. We have destroyed the natural world and we feel the need to save it. Zoos were created to give people the feeling that we are still part of …show more content…
Zoos are bad for the animals living in zoos and aquariums because they are made to please humans not the animals. We save the animals that we feel are worthy of saving and disregard the life of others. Zoos and aquariums remove animals from their social settings and introduce new relationships that can be harmful.
Why Zoos Benefit Humans vs. Animals
Zoos and aquariums are filled with many animal species and claim that they are being held in captivity to save them, when in reality they are in these place for humans own personal gain. Because of urbanization a lot of the land that once was home to free-roaming animals has been converted into buildings and homes. People needed a place that helped them escape from their everyday lives and feel like they were part of the natural world. This is when the popularity of zoos started. Zoos and aquariums bring animals from all over the world and place nature in our own backyards. Desmond’s article describes zoos like a museum but instead of displaying artwork, animals are displayed for our personal enjoyment.The AZA has changed the ideas of zoos to become places geared towards educating people on
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It is an event that not too many people know about and would be shocked to hear what is happening in our local zoos. Zoos and aquariums are bad for animals because they only save some animals and disregard the lives of others. Animals are being killed because they are not as relevant as others or because they do not have gene redundancy to mate. The AZA has developed a plan for breeding captive animals. Braverman explains this system, “it is a system that divides animals into three color coded groups based on their sustainability within zoos: green for the most sustainable, red for the least sustainable, and yellow for medium sustainability” (2013,p.161). This program give zoo officials control of what animals are bred for survival and which ones can eventually die off. The AZA has also started a new program that allows them to control breeding of animals with contraceptives. This allows genetic management to increase the genetic diversity of zoo populations. This is done to mimic the gene pool of animals in the wild. Unfortunately this type of conservation leads to the murders of certain species, or they will be “bred for extinction.” Braverman explains the concept of “bred for extinction” in his article, “AZA’s assumption that if an animal is genetically redundant, it will take up valuable space without contributing to the diversity of the

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