Benefits Of Yellowstone 's Natural Laboratory Essay

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Fan Hughes Personal Statement

a. Why do you intend to pursue a PhD or an MA in Communication Studies?
Not long after graduating from the University of Georgia in May of 2013, I moved to Wyoming and began working within one of the worlds largest nearly enact ecosystems in the world, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. I was inspired by this area on a camping trip as a teenager and quickly made a resolution to live in this breathtaking place as soon as I was able. Since 2013, I’ve worked to immerse myself in the professional world of ecotourism and environmental education. My skills were non-traditional, my academic background lacked a “natural sciences” component, but I brought value in my knowledge of digital media and marketing strategies that extended beyond a simple folding brochure or annually printed catalog. I work to create, manage, and market educational programs with a mission to connect people to place. I utilize technology to create engaging media showcasing the benefits of Yellowstone’s natural laboratory. I understand the power of technology as a tool to experience, share, and even preserve what most perceive and appreciate as true wilderness. However, I have witnessed a cultural shift to an oversaturated use of technology in which the meaningful experience is less important than the digital confirmation of the reality.
In March 2016, the CDC released a comprehensive report concerning injuries associated with bison encounters in Yellowstone National Park.…

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