Benefits Of Women And Women Essay examples

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Well, do you believe in the benefits that we see in marriage today for men and woman? Well, I do, for the reason is that there are a lot of benefits that we in men and woman marriage today in the world. Some of the topics that I will be talking about being with: why woman does more of the housework than men this day, and why married men earn more money than single men. Also, I will be talking about the benefits in men marriage and the benefits of woman marriage. The benefits that we saw in men and women marriage today. Many women do more housework than men these days. Well, the reason that women do more of the work around the house is that most of the men has a job to do and they cannot be at home all the time to do it. Some of the housework that the women might do that the men will not do is like: the dishes, laundry, cooking and the cleaning. The reason that men do not do a lot of the housework is because they do not care about it. There are times that married men will say that housework is for women only and men should not do it. Men and women should just do half of the housework and do not let the women do all of the work around the house for you guys out there it will not be fair for them to do all of it. Well on the other hand married men will earn more money than single man do. As the result of that they work harder than single men that don 't have a family. Also, they might have a better job than them as well. Another reason why married me might make more money…

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