Benefits Of Waste Recycling For Solid Waste Management Essay

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Personal statement
As a native from West Africa and growing to see waste in the street, in the canal or dumped in the nearest open space, seemed to be normal. Since I have been in contact with the waste recycling industry in 2010 in UK, I have a burning desire to constantly increase my knowledge and skills in this field.
After observation, this situation rise a whole load of question to me: what is waste management? How come in Senegal we are not getting the value out of waste? How many job can be created? What regulation should be in place? What suitable technology can we use? Is there a better way to dispose of our waste?
To find answer to this questions, I enrolled in a HNC waste and resource management at the University of Northampton, participated to various waste recycling seminars and events.
Taking part of the ISWA-SWIS Winter School on Solid Waste Management will be an excellent opportunity to put in practice the landfill management skills learnt (landfill design, impact mitigation, landfill gas and Leachate management, landfill completion and restorations).
Currently local authority in Senegal implemented an integrated waste management strategy with a major focus on waste disposable. I believe that my participation to the program will give me the right attributes to work with the public and private sector and the skills gain from it will improve my ability to set a sustainable waste management strategy. Knowing all the requirement to design and build a modern…

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