Benefits Of Violent Video Games

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When it comes to the topic of whether violent video games and toys should not be allowed. Most of us will readily agree that they should be allowed. Where the agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how this violent video games and toys impact kids in real life although kids don’t become bad people yet it does affect their attitude and the way they act around other people. Whereas some are convinced that they shouldn’t be allowed because this video games affect the kids attitude and personality I would argue that they should be allowed. Others maintain that violent video games should be allowed as long as there is parent supervision. Over the year’s violent video games have become more popular for kids. This could be a very bad thing because over the year’s video games become more graphic and the characters of the games can become a bad influence on the children. Many children spend a very large amount of time playing violent video games and violent toys. Small kids tend to copy people they look up to like heroes and in other cases villains, they tend to copy whatever they …show more content…
According to the article The Government Should Stop Kids from Buying Violent Video Games by Timothy F. Winter. The president of the parents television council, he states, “The problem lies in the retail sales. In recent “secret shopper” efforts, grassroots members of the Parents Television Council demonstrated that an underage child was able to purchase an adult video game 36 percent of the time” (Winter). Basically what he’s saying is that many kids are able to get violent games without their parents permission that should not be allowed because if the games are affecting the kids, then the parents should know so they have a way of helping the

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