Benefits Of Video Games Discursive Essay

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Discursive Essay – Video games, Beneficial to education?

Video games, played by millions around the world and often thought of as time consuming and holding only negative effects on young minds. This topic is widely argued and questioned by parents and younger people alike. During this essay, this topic will be discussed and argued from both sides, for and against.

To begin, when young minds play video games, emotional and intellectual skills are actually developed. These skills are gained through the practice of tasks like reading, maths, strategic thinking, and constant multi-tasking – all of which are present in a lot of video games. For example, the computer game ‘World of Warcraft’ includes a lot of dialogue reading in order to progress
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The following points illustrate this.
The first point to make is that some people believe that video games make homework less tolerable and will impact the effort put into doing it. Homework is an important part of school and for students to be successful in their chosen subjects they must complete it with as much effort as possible. Even though most young people don’t enjoy doing homework, they understand it must be completed. This mind-set could possibly be altered by video games and will lead students to think they can be doing better more enjoyable activities than homework. If the above statement is to take effect on the player then this holds a negative effect on learning and will of course make video games seem bad while lowering their final grades, all for just the enjoyment they got out of playing
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Looking at the addictive side of video games, they will waste a lot of your time and if pushed too far will begin to eat into your sleeping time. As a teenager, this will limit your ability to listen, learn, concentrate and solve problems. It could also cause you to forget important information you learned that day due to you being tired at school. Video games could also cause the player to be constantly thinking about them if played before going to bed, this again, will impact their sleeping times and will cause the above-mentioned effects to take place.

In conclusion to this essay, video games have both positive and negative effects, with balance they are of course helpful and beneficial to the player, although if the addictive side of video games is to take place perhaps not so much. I myself think video games are beneficial to school although do understand the negative points made and believe they could take effect if not played in

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