Benefits Of Using Social Networking Essay

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The general direction of most literature I sourced is the importance for companies to shift towards having a broad social networking presence, especially on Facebook. This is not just true for large companies like Apple, but true for every sized companies. Social Networking has become a powerful outlet for companies to obtain their target market. According to (Statista, 2016), the global share of companies taking advantage of social media marketing is around 97%. The noticeable benefits of using social networking is building real and strong customer relationships, also improved loyalty and brand recognition.

A factor identified which is important to point out, is the ignorance Apple has shown towards using Social Networking. The first instance was in 2013, Apple’s marketing sector was unstable and Apple started considering alternatives to accompany its long running ad agency. Due to Apple’s failed lawsuit against Samsung in 2014, claiming Samsung violated five Apple patents (Smith, 2014). Consequently, some of Apple’s Emails exchanges around the time of the lawsuit were leaked for public consumption. One email exchange that is of interest was between Phil Schiller and Arthur Rangel, senior director at Apple. Rangel mentions that Apple could consider starting to monitor social networking, to compare how the brand fears against competition over time.

Schiller replies: “I think paying money for social media tracking tools is nuts. It is easy to track social media, I do it…

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