Essay on Benefits Of Using Service Learning

1005 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
Using service-learning to gain knowledge about a topic is very rewarding. I have gained many personal skills just through service work. Even though I have volunteered many times, older people were an area that I was not familiar with. The only elderly people I was familiar with were my family members and friends. I have always been interested in learning about older people and I really enjoyed working with them and being around them but I never thought about actually taking a course on the study of older people. Before taking this course, I believed all of the stereotypes placed onto older people. This course has taught me that the stereotypes are not always true. I was also unaware of the gerontological theories and how they can really relate when working with older people. The older population is more commonly grouped together as the elderly, but when studying this subject I have learned that there is much more diversity between older people than I thought. The topic of aging is much more than simply getting older, there are many myths, theories and thoughts that go along with it. There are always stereotypes that go along with the aging process. I know personally that many of my friends throw around the phrase “I do not want to be old and lonely.” People often view older people as being lonely and that stereotype is definitely false. I know that my grandma is always surrounded by family to make sure she is not lonely on a daily basis. This myth is often believed when the…

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