Benefits Of Using Remote Care Management Essay examples

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While concerns were expressed and challenges and barriers reiterated by stakeholders regarding payment for these types of services during the many facets of the analysis process, of note, Texas is one of twenty states that have enacted parity laws requiring insurers to cover these types of services in the same manner they would for services provided in person (See figure 2). Thus, any solution implemented will not incur any additional associated fees or other costs to Haywood Memorial or its patient population who are active participants in the selected solution for use.

Haywood Memorial began the process of selection by researching and evaluating the various types of technology solutions available for telemonitoring devices. Of those, Care Innovations Health Harmony was one reviewed and received considerable reviews. Health Harmony (See Figure 1), a product created by Intel Corporation and GE has garnered much success since its inception several years ago. Its tablet based application “simplifies planning and uses remote care management by providing easy to use technology for the clinician, patient and family caregiver” (Care Innovations 2016). As well, it allows for patient engagement by providing an easy to use device that has no wires, does not require set up or even prior technology knowledge (Care Innovations 2016). In addition, it also offers interactive health sessions, an educational component and video conferencing. Furthermore, it utilizes evidence…

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