Essay about Benefits Of Using Powered Wheelchairs

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Results. Wheelchairs provide mobility that can be either self-directed or partner assisted.
Manual wheelchairs are the most common MAT device (Collins, 216) and allow the individual to self-propel or to be pushed by another person. Powered wheelchairs permit the user to easily control the direction and speed of the machine. Some powered wheelchairs allow occupants to adjust the seat position--some chairs can even fully recline to a sleeping position. Other wheelchairs are push-assisted--that is, the occupant self-propels the wheelchair by pushing the wheel rims, but specially engineered mechanisms amplify or convert the force exerted into greater forward movement for the wheelchair. This reduces the physical strain of operating a manual wheelchair and provides an intrinsic opportunity for physical activity that a powered wheelchair does not. The use of powered wheelchairs has been directly correlated with improvement in quality of life (Devitt, 2004).
Risks. Various risks come with wheelchairs. Transitioning to or from a wheelchair of any type presents the possibility of falling. Some individuals with MS may require the assistance of a care partner or a stability aid like a cane to make a transition safely. Pressure sores that cause discomfort and pain form after remaining seated for a long period of time. Muscles begin to atrophy without use, so extended use of a wheelchair can accelerate weakening of the body, especially in the legs. Fatigue caused by propelling manual…

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