Essay on Benefits Of Using An Eco Gram

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Throughout this semester we have discussed and practiced various techniques that can be used when working with clients. This semester at Loyola has enhanced my understanding of what it truly means to be a social worker, from the classroom perspective. In my field placement, I do not believe it is directly related to social work, but I was able to use a social worker perspective when interacting with the children in the program. This course was the only course that provided me with hands-on experience of engaging with different types of clients. In my other classes, we did not do case demonstrations instead, we discussed different theories and perspectives about individuals and family systems. This course has taught me the purpose of using the strengths perspective, the reason to assess clients, benefits of using an eco-gram, the importance of the I, and ways to engage clients.
Strengths Perspective
The strengths perspective is used to highlights clients’ strengths and get their perspectives of what personal qualities they have that can be used to benefit their current situations. Using this perspective is important because it helps social workers understand the client view of their strengths and it also helps them see their clients’ perspective on the different situations they are in. In my first reflection, I described this perspective as one of my strengths. I believe this perspective can be difficult sometimes, but it is easier to get a client to view their strengths if…

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