Benefits Of Tuition Free College Tuition Essay

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Free College Tuition
In today 's competitive work field it is harder than ever to get a well-paying job without a college degree. Nevertheless the price of college tuition increases every year, leaving students to confined in student loans. The United States should make college tuition-free. Wiener reports, "The mother of all problems in higher education today is high tuition at public colleges and universities" (224) This is cause for concern, shouldn’t education be accessible to those who want it? "Proponents of free tuition at least for the middle class, point to Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden, all of which off a free college education" (College Free 5). The US government should eliminate the cost of tuition because students graduate in debt, young students question if college is worth the cost and many countries already offer tuition free public colleges.
In his article "The Promise of Universal Community College", Joshua Wyner mentions, "The demand for post-secondary education is today greater than at any at un U.S. history and it is projected to increase dramatically in the coming years" (n.p.) but "just over 40 percent of Americans today have a college degree ... the U.S. will face a shortage of millions of college-educated workers by 2025" it includes, but finding a solution has been a long time struggle. "The commitment to tuition-free public higher education is a central component in building a new social compact" (Warren and Sonti A26) This topic is one…

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