Benefits Of Traditional And Online Learning Essay

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Do you have a desire to finish your education? Is not having a degree holding you back from moving forward in your career? Well, there is a solution! With today’s society rapidly evolving and technology progressing, it is making it easier for everyone to attend college and achieve their goals. Traditional and online learning are viable options for anyone who wants to further their education and receive the degree that will help them in their current or future careers. Universities and colleges have always offered traditional classroom settings, however, since 2003, online enrollments have grown 358%, and 31 % of students now take at least one course online (Miller & Young-Jones, 2012). Traditional classes provide students with a face to face learning experience, whereas, an online course allow a student to learn at his/her individual pace. Depending on your personal preferences, such as, what is the best learning environment, what kind of time you have, and what amount of money you are willing to spend; there are quite a few options to get back on track with an education.
One option to get back on track or to get started on your academic success is to take a traditional class. This gives an opportunity for the student to have a face to face interaction with the instructor, in a formal classroom setting with other classmates. A student will be held accountable to attend class/lectures at a specific time and place, where attendance is usually taken. Traditional learning gives…

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