Benefits Of Tie Programs As Creative And Active Educational Tools

2076 Words May 7th, 2015 9 Pages
Education and learning is often associated with institutionalised frames such as schools. There are many debates regarding whether the traditional school curriculum with its standard formats of textbook learning is the most inspiring and productive way for young people to learn. Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre created the Theatre in Education (TiE) movement in 1965, as an ‘educational outreach using theatrical performance and drama workshops to explore issues of cultural, social, political and moral significance’ (Turner, 2010). Learning through mediums such as theatre and performance can enhance young people’s learning dramatically. During this essay I will discuss the benefits of TiE programs as creative and active educational tools, and give evidence of the clear progress of learning that young people achieve when engaging with them.

There are several aspects that create a TiE program, such as performance, pre/post show workshops, question and answer sessions to discuss subject matters, etc. The atmosphere within a TiE performance, the aesthetics, the artistic choices, all contribute to a more valuable learning experience. What young people experience and how the performance makes them feel is vitally important regarding their learning. By taking them out of their comfort zones, or to somewhere that is completely different to everyday education, it allows them to become more immersed within the topic they are studying, as opposed to reading information from a textbook.…

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