Essay on Benefits Of The Mandatory Donation

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Some individuals who strongly oppose the mandatory donation argue that this policy defeats the purpose of autonomy and that the decision to donate an organ should be that of an individual not the government (Griffith & Tengnah, 2010). Also, others contend that the rule of the Double effect may be used in mandated consent. Specifically, life shortening acts may be considered by health care providers if there is a potential availability of organs that will save the lives of many and if they have a reason to believe that the benefit outweighs the risk. Clearly, this holds that it may be permissible to cause harm to an individual for the mere reason of doing good to many others (Slaughter et al., 2012). Unfortunately, this can lead to the loss of trust in health care providers because patients may fear that the health-care provider would not do as much to save their lives if they were considered to be potential organ donors (Siminoff & Mercer¬ 2001). Moreover, individuals claim that since the opt-out model does not consider family members’ opinions, it may have a negative effect in the bereavement period if their culture opposes mutilation of the dead body (Griffith & Tengnah, 2010). Certainly, the issues stated above are all valid arguments with weakness and the issues will be discussed further in the course of the essay.
Notwithstanding, I strongly believe that Canadians should adopt the policy of mandatory donation with the option to opt-out because there are several…

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