Essay about Benefits Of The Historical Roe V. Supreme Court Case

1145 Words May 26th, 2016 5 Pages
When considering the benefits of the historical Roe v Wade Supreme Court case, one of the most obvious benefits is one of the most important: women’s health. Women’s reproductive health has been greatly improved through the legalization of abortion made possible because of Roe v Wade. It is important to understand that even before Roe legalized abortion, “many unqualified people set themselves up as abortion providers, using unsafe methods and unsanitary facilities, based solely on their desire to profit from the outlawed procedure” (Anderson). Because abortion was illegal prior to Roe, many women were being harmed for exercising control over their bodies due to their only option being uncertified, often unsafe procedures. However, now that abortion is legal, it can be regulated and more easily accessible, therefore women no longer have to put their health in jeopardy when controlling their reproductive health. “In just one California hospital, abortion-related infections fell by 75 percent after the procedure was legalized” (Anderson). This goes to show how big of an impact in safety legalizing the practice had upon hospitals and women who underwent the procedure. Groups that want to overturn Roe v Wade because of their disagreement with it believe abortion will be an uncommon practice after it is outlawed, but this is simply untrue. “The desperate measures women in pre-Roe days felt driven to take to terminate their unwanted pregnancies are testament to how untenable the…

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