Benefits Of The 4th Amendment Essay

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Digital privacy is becoming a bigger and bigger topic as our technology advances but our 4th amendment isn't up to date. Which is really stirring up some discussions like if the 4th amendment was updated who would benefit. That's what i'm going to discuss. If the 4th amendment was updated who would benefit from that?
Before i get into who does benefit from the 4th amendment being updated. Let's talk about who doesn't which is our counties task force the police.The police does not benefit from the fourth amendment change because it changes their ways of searching and investigating someone convicted of a pellinay. As it was said by the article” Supreme Court Rules You Have No 4th Amendment Protection Against Cops Ignorant of the Law” as says
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As it was said in the article”Recovering our Constitution -- the Fourth Amendment” it then states”Under such regimes, the government is not limited in its ability to interfere in the everyday life and livelihood of its subjects, whether for "law enforcement" or confiscatory purposes.” So this means that if a government official has a reason to walk up to you and check your phone he can. You can do nothing to stop him which really needs to change. Our phones and personal lives should be ours nobody else needs to be snooping around in it should to see if your a criminal. If you do something wrong yes then you are suspicious but if you're a everyday person just having a private conversation with your wife you don't need someone else listening in and recording it. If the 4th amendment was every updated it needs to be about the main benefactors the citizens of our country. Yes this will make the policies jobs hardee but shouldn't we be able to make things official “private”not just i think someone isn't recording this or watching me. Don't we have the right to not look over our shoulder everyday of our lives. Digital privacy is a big issue and shouldn't be taken lightly. It's not the government's game that they can just do whatever they want, whenever they

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